Merry Christmas, reflecting and planning

WP_20151225_10_41_34_ProI’ve neglected my blog over the past few months and am planning to get some updates on here in the next couple of weeks.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas for you and your families and hope all have made it through safely.

I find Christmas can be a time to reflect.  I’ll be following up on this with a blog post reflecting on the past year that I have had.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I spent some of my time, at my parents house, looking through old photographs. Below is one of me on my first pony – I think I would have preferred a real one but this one was well used for quite some time!


The festive break (if you are lucky enough to get one) can also be a good chance to be planning and preparing for the year ahead. My planning began some time ago, but mainly in my head – now is the time to get it down on paper and be ready to get started in January with the preparations.

I’ll dedicate a future blog post to planning and preparations; letting you know what my plans and preparations will be and how I go about pulling them together.

Wishing you all a lovely festive season and best wishes for 2016 in your personal and equestrian lives.

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