Back on track

We are safely back on track after the little incident with a tree on Exmoor!
Xrays have shown healing is progressing well with no complications but further follow ups are required to make sure it stays that way.  I have to admit that I have had to give in a bit and take things easier than is natural for me.  Doing just small things was really tiring me out and I’d be sore for a few days after.  However, riding seemed to be less problematic than walking so that was good news in my mind!

18 July I competed for Findon Riding Club at the British Riding Clubs National Championships Area 22 Qualifiers with both Spangle and Marco in dressage.  Taking both together meant borrowing a trailer and separation problems – I thought it would be ok as I knew the venue was open and they would be able to see each other if I had a helper on hand – not quite so simple and both were on edge.  Marco settled for his elementary test though and scored 62.75% and a 6th place – so I was very pleased with that – he is now 19 years old and is 33km short of 5000km of competitive endurance and whilst we’ve always dabbled in dressage it has only really been that! Spangle had some positive marks and comments in her test and I am optimistic that one day we’ll get all the good bits together in a dressage arena!

Then on 26 July it was time to try the shoulder/collar bone back at Endurance – a 24km pleasure ride at Knock (a lovely venue on the Aberdeenshire/Moray border. I took Marco and Dawn took Spangle.  Dawn was meant to be riding her gelding Homer, who we think would really enjoy endurance, but his shoes were needing done and not worth risking so she enjoyed being shown the ropes by Spangle, who was delighted to be back doing the job she loves. It was also lovely to see Spangle be ridden and tackle her job so well, she knows the score and just gets on with it (unless she thinks we have gone the wrong way…)

I recently helped at the Cairngorm 100 event – 100 miles riding over the Cairngorms in 24 hours.  I wanted to see how the event went as this was its first year in running. It went very very well and I am inspired to give it a go next year.

Petplan Equine continue to be a great Sponsor and we are enjoying wearing their logo with pride at any outings we go to (I also attended Banchory Show on Saturday to help a friend in show classes).

Petplan Equine currently have a Responsible Rider Quiz on the go – check to see how you score –

I’ve recently done a May and June web update for the Sponsored Riders Pages too – be sure and check it out – included is my Top Tip – find out what it is

Now planning our next outings – just taking it a step at a time! It might be Veteran showing for Marco on Sunday if the weather looks good!

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