Remember it’s a game of inches?

On Monday May 4th Spangle and I headed up to Glenhead to have a session with Pauline Kidd as part of our preparations.   Pauline does Movement improvement work for Horse and Rider, is a certified Rolfer, Advanced Pilates instructor and Reiki Master.  She also does fabulous Rider Biomechanics work. I find Pauline’s work quite mind blowing but the results are amazing – I have seen Pauline work some of the most amazing magic.


Arrived and wondering what today brings


Soft and relaxed


Pauline has made some tweaks to me – I like the outcome


Working freely


Thanks Pauline, I truly believe that these are the kind of differences that can make a difference – there are so many factors but anything small that can be done to get improvements should be.

You can follow Pauline on facebook

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