Physio session with Catriona Goulding

Saturday saw both Spangle and Marco benefit from a Physio session with Catriona Goulding.  Catriona has worked on my horses since 2007 and we have all formed a close bond – and she has seen Spangle develop from when I got her through to present day.   Not only has Catriona been our physio she has become a friend, experienced her first endurance ride on Marco, crewed for Marco and I at the Golden Horseshoe in 2009 and been Team Physio when I was on the Scottish Team 2007,2008 and 2009.

Catriona’s experience and knowledge is incredibly valuable – she is a experienced horseperson as well as a trained physio and it gives me great confidence to have Catriona’s backing to continue following the path we are on.

I think the rest of the visit can be summed up by the following pictures and video – both Marco and Spangle very much enjoy Catriona’s visits too.

WP_20150502_005 WP_20150502_020 WP_20150502_023 WP_20150502_024

WP_20150502_006 WP_20150502_007 WP_20150502_011 WP_20150502_012 WP_20150502_013 WP_20150502_017

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