Winning ways at BHS Grampian quiz night

BHS Grampian Region tonight held a fundraising Quiz night at the Newmachar Hotel.  We formed a team of 4 with my main endurance crew member Nicki, with her husband John (who is swiftly also being roped into being crew!) and super livery friend, pony looker afterer and exerciser when I am away, Dawn.

My head doesn’t retain much quiz answer like info so I went along fully expecting to be there purely for entertainment – we arrived and John had already decided on our team name ‘The Spangles’ (worked well following another team called the Twirlers).  Perhaps having ‘The Spangles’ as our Team name made the whole experience become a positive one!

We seemed to start off well and scored the most in round 1 – and I managed to get a couple of questions – and one question that none of my team mates knew 🙂 Good start!

We seemed to fair well in each round always scoring in the 20’s and often with the highest score – ‘The Spangles’ went on to win the Quiz – I just thought it was a bit of fun – but it seems the main prize was actually pretty amazing – 1 x Family Bushcraft Taster Weekend voucher with Tipi accomodation at Amara Woodland Croft, Rothiemay, Cairnie, Huntly, AB54 4SP.

Many thanks to Amy Wolfe and BHS Grampian for a fun evening 🙂 We’ll let you all know when we go for our Bushcraft weekend and how it goes!

P.S. I even amazed myself by knowing an answer the others on my team didn’t know in rounds 2 & 3 as well – much better than usual!

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