Catching up with the Weekend goings on and another exciting start to a week! Two in a row!

This year appears to be fast moving, full of excitement and opportunity. I am excited to announce that after 12 years I am changing jobs. I will still be within Aberdeenshire Council, moving from Waste to Transportation – new challenges lie ahead but ones I am excited and prepared to tackle and face, but very sad to be leaving some of the great people I have met and worked with and that have taught me an awful lot.

Thanks to all who have helped my interview nerves and supported me in making the changes – more pennies too to help support the horsey plans, aims and goals.

So back to weekend – it was pretty hectic so I never had time for updates!

Saturday saw me pick you Robyn Jones, one of SERCs (Scottish Endurance Riding CLub) Young Riders, and her pony Pippa and take them to the yard I livery at to go for a hack. Robyn started University in Aberdeen last year and moved herself and Pippa up to Aberdeenshire from the Loch Lomond area. Spangle and Pippa enjoyed each others company doing a 17km ride up and around Kirkhill Forest.

On Sunday, my Crew Nicki and myself attended the SERC Grampian Training day where we shared crewing and fittening experiences with a group of other local endurance riders. It was good to listen to the presentations and experiences from Clive and Barbara and certainly gave some food for though of minor changes that we could make to improve our performance.

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