Exciting news – Petplan Equine Sponsored Rider 2015


This week has been the start of a year of support from Petplan Equine as one of their selected Sponsored Riders for 2015.  I am absolutely delighted to be supported by them not only as a sponsored rider but also to have them as my equine insurer and very much look forward to the year ahead carrying their brand. Petplan Equine have insured Marco and Spangle for a number of years and paid out swiftly and with exceptional service on a number of occasions for Spangle. I will post some of Spangles incidents that have been covered by Petplan Equine on a page of their own in the coming days. Petplan Equine can be found online  http://www.petplanequine.co.uk/, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PetplanEquineUK and on Twitter https://twitter.com/PetplanEquine (@PetplanEquine)

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