Mr Marco has an outing

Marco, at 19 years old leads a slightly easier life nowadays and although still in regular work he is the one who gets the days off when time is short.  This week we have two indoor flatwork opportunities at Fountain Equestrian, one through Findon Riding Club and one joint between North East Riding Club and Findon.  I organise the Findon North Training nights that are run from Fountain and partake in the flatwork sessions.

As we have two opportunities this week I thought that Marco should get to one of the evening sessions – and what a great session we had.  Sue Hendry stood in to coach 9 horses and riders at last minute after illness hit Niamh Meehan (Get well soon Niamh).  Sue has a great coaching style and we had a super time – Marco is feeling as good as ever and he will likely be out at some Riding Club Dressage soon – watch this space 😉 I think he rather enjoyed his outing tonight – his ears were pricked and he was jolly and he showed a bit of cheek occasionally.  He is a clever lad and knows exactly how to work well – but equally knows how to avoid it given the opportunity! He does make smile though – and that I feel is one critical thing we should all remember with our horses – we have them to enjoy!!

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