First Ride of the Season

A week past Saturday (21/02/14) Spangle and I set off to the Black Isle to stay over with the More Family – I met Helen when I went to a Scottish Team Training Day in 2004 – we forged a friendship, that was really cemented after both competing on the Scottish Team that year at the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance in Wales – not only did that experience in Wales see amazing lasting friendships made but also really gave me my drive and ambition to go further with Endurance.

Helen and I went a nice leg stretch (Endomondo route) with the horses on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday (22/02/14) we did the 16km Training Ride at Dores, on the shores of Loch Ness. The tracks were great and offered many canter opportunities. The weather was kind whilst we rode and it gave Spangle and I a practice run at an event again – albeit a pleasure ride – we still have to have paperwork in order and with staying overnight the planning and preparation is greater – after a winter break getting back into the swing of things can be a bit tricky!

We tracked the ride on Endomondo for those who wish to see where we were and what we were up to!

Dores - Carol                              Dores

The views on the ride were great 🙂 Thank you Lianne and Carol for the pics!

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