A mixed weekend

Last Saturday (28/02/15) saw us head to the beach, with Dawn and our Floss, fellow liveries. Floss was very excited on arrival at the parking and the km walk onto the beach, Spangle was remarkably sensible and being very good – until we hit the beach – then she decided it was pointless going up the beach to turn and come back – we have a fabulous stretch of beach but this is the downside of it. On the plus side I led her 2km up the beach and back so she didn’t not go at all, so I had a fab 4km sand walking workout. We shall be visiting the beach more often to overcome this difference of opinions. Floss still got a workout and went ahead and had a play alone. I think she may be feeling the joys of spring.

On Sunday we headed to Bennachie to do some hillwork.

Spangle ready to go

ready to go

We met local endurance friends there – Gemma Cooper and her pony Morgan.

Morgan and Mither Tap

Morgan and Mither Tap

We had a lovely ride showing Gemma some loops she could do in future herself and got Spangle and Morgan working on the hills.

Still some ice on the higher ground

still some ice on higher ground

It was a lovely spring like day and Mither Tap looked gorgeous

Mither Tap

Mither Tap

Our workout can be found on Endomondo Рwe had a super day out and Spangle went really well.

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